Salem Kapsaski is a writer, film director, actor and producer living in Manchester, England. Salem is the director of the Horror Musical Spidarlings (2016). His debut novella Nazi Sniper was published in 2015 by Sleazy Viking Press.

Salem is also the director and a co-creator of the US TV show London Calling (2015) presented by Jeff Kristian. He directed the award winning short film My Head Hurts (2000) as well as several music videos and theatre plays. In 2017 he will present the erotic film anthology Films Confiscated from a French Brothel.

He studied Film at the New York Film School and sound engineering at the City of Westminster College. He worked as a production assistant on Dario Argento’s Giallo (2009). For several years Salem worked and toured with the theatre ensemble Act Provocateur Int. Previous directorial works in theatre include staging “That Abortion Play” by controversial playwright Greg Moulder (T-Decadence). He has also occasionally acted in plays including portraying the role of Ian Brady in an adaptation of Fassbinder’s “Pre-Paradise Sorry Now” (2006).

His writing has appeared in Art Decades, Weng’s Chop, Black Giraffe Quarterly (Dynatox Ministries), Mass Movement Magazine, Scene4 Magazine and Filmrage. Salem also edited and published a xerox-zine called In Punk We Trust Inc.

Salem played in several punk bands including Chicken Pest, The Astyanax and Contra of the Unformed.

He directed the music video for Jeff Kristian’s charity single You’re There for Cancer is a Drag as well as a charity video for Go Gold Childhood Cancer Awareness.

In 2014 he became an ordained minister.




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