Selected articles and writing


(2015) “Filmrage Vol 2 No 12” includes the article “The Making of Spidarlings”
(2015) “Black Giraffe: Issue one” – story “Icarus falls off his Bike”.  Dynatox Ministries.
(2015) “Art Decades #3” includes the article “Welcome to Jonestown: Southern Ontario Gothic”
(2015) “Art Decades #2” includes the article “Lemora Rising”.
(2014) “Weng’s Chop #6” includes the article “The Hot Month of August”.
(2014) “Art Decades #1” includes the article “Many Enemies Brings much Honor”
(2012) “MassMovement #33” includes the article “Kick him in the head and steal his wallet”
(2010) “Scene 4 Magazine Jun 10” includes the article “Splice: Never asked to be born”
(2009) “In Punk We Trust Inc. Issue 2” Publisher, editor
(2009) “In Punk We Trust Inc. Issue 1” Publisher, editor
(2008) “Scene 4 Magazine Feb 08” includes the article “Anger Rising: The films of Kenneth Anger”
(2007) “Scene 4 Magazine Nov 07” includes the article “Meet Joe Christ“.
(2007) “Scene 4 Magazine Aug 07” includes the article “The Day the Clown Cried”
(2007) “Scene 4 Magazine Jul 07” includes the article “Snuff: Everything You Always Wanted To Know But Were Afraid To Ask”
(2006) “Scene 4 Magazine Sep 06” includes the article “Black Comedy”
(2006) “Scene 4 Magazine Aug 06” includes the article “A Thousand Natural Shocks”


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