Grindsploitation 4: Meltsploitation

Salem Kapsaski’s short film WAXHOUSE ROCK is going to be featured in the upcoming Anthology GRINDSPLOITATION 4: MELTSPLOITATION released by Troma and Body Bag Films.

GRINDSPLOITATION 4: MELTSPLOITATION the fourth entry in the acclaimed Cult series is going to be nastier than ever… with more gore, more nudity, more slime and more blood! Meltsploitation faux grindhouse film trailers a homage to the video nasty era of films.

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With films by Salem Kapsaski, Dustin Ferguson, Tony Newton, Nathan Hill, Edward Payson, Jason Impey, Jason Figgis & More. Presented by Llloyd Kaufman. Produced by Tony Newton & John Brennan.