Nazi Sniper

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NAZI SNIPER is the debut novella by Salem Kapsaski, first published in 2015 by SLEAZY VIKING PRESS for Kindle. A second edition paperback was released by APRES VAGUE PRESS.

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“Nazi Sniper” is set in the spring of 1972 in post war Bavaria. Germany is still in a critical state of healing. The Baader-Meinhof Group is at their height and preparations have begun for the Summer Olympics in Munich which are just months away. Commissar Joachim Adler is investigating a series of brutal attacks aimed at Greek and Turkish foreign workers in the Upper Bavarian region. An unknown maniac has already claimed the lives of three people and is bound to strike again at any given time. The man responsible for the attacks is Ludwig Krantz, a former Nazi and guard of the Chelmno Extermination Camp, where he drove a gas van – a gas chamber on wheels. Ludwig lives under a fake identity together with his 18 year old son Joseph, who suffers from schizophrenia. Ludwig is slowly turning blind and depends more and more on his son to be his eyes. Sickened by the current political state in Germany and rise in immigration Krantz has begun a bloody vendetta, roaming the nights for his next victims.



Pete Tomkies reviews NAZI SNIPER for UKHorrorScene

“Given the nature of its subject it will come as no surprise that Nazi Sniper is at times disturbing and violent however Kapsaski’s prose in no way glamorises the violence. Kapsaski’s background as a film maker shows with good pacing throughout the novella to keep the reader turning the pages. One of the many strengths of the writing is Kapsaski’s success at creating a different voice for Krantz, Joseph and Alder as their storylines converge towards the violent denouement of the story.”

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Michael Noe reviews NAZI SNIPER for Slap Happy Fun Time

(5/5 stars)

“As a horror novel it gives us something that we haven’t seen before. Sometimes the monsters we fear are flesh and blood and Salem creates the ultimate monster in Ludwig. The fact is that this isn’t one for the squeamish or the easily offended. I love novellas that invade the senses and make you think a little. The dark is a scary place but it seems as if Salem has found a home there and if you have the guts you’ll venture down there with him.”

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