Lloyd Kaufman vs Giant Spider – Spidarlings out now on Blu-ray

Spidarlings is officially out now on Blu-ray from TROMA Entertainment.


Order it from Amazon or look for it in stores at Walmart or Barnes & Noble in the US.





Spidarlings to be released on BluRay by TROMA – July 10th

Breaking News: Greetings from Tromaville!

The long wait is finally over. We finally got the Spidarlings Blu Ray official release dates!
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Available July 10

Features a brand new introduction by Lloyd Kaufman, never before seen Behind the Scenes Featurettes, interviews with director Salem Kapsaski, composer Jeff Kristian and the stars of the film, bloopers, deleted scenes and more Troma goodies.
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Official BluRay cover art:



“Outrageously defiant… one of the most ambitious and creative British features to have debuted in recent years”

“This is not a typical movie, it is Anarchy”
-Big Gay Picture Show

“A ‘bad taste’ thrilling, psychedelic acid trip like no other… It packs a punch and makes a statement while reveling in glamour and grittiness in equal measure”
-Love Horror

“You can always tell when true love and effort get put into a project and it really shows in this movie… it transcends to a level unseen to date, giving all who watch it a feeling of belonging”
-Mr X. Comics

“Throws the rules out the window… You don’t feel like you’re dealing with a safe group of filmmakers”
-UK Horror Scene

“A Celebration of cinematic Transgression”
-Seb Godin, Film-maker

“The Punk Film that will punch a hole in your Screen”
-SQ Media

“One of the most celebrated Troma titles of the last years”
-DKillerPanda World

“A piece of pure yet bizarrely likeable madness that moves through its story in a dreamlike way and that’s brought to life not only by its cast and its songs, but also its extravagant production design, and quite simply its genuine weirdness.”
-(re)Search My Trash

“I Don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore, Toto”
-Tom Holland’s Terror Time




Jeff Kristian’s Lullaby Press Release:

You may recognise the song Lullaby from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of the LGBTQ Horror Spidarlings (Apres Vague Productions/Troma Entertainment 2017).

Jeff Kristian wrote and produced that soundtrack, and to promote the upcoming 2018 release of Spidarlings on BluRay, he has released his own recording of the film’s most requested song.

There are four tracks in total on the new single. The radio mix of Lullaby, a club version called StarlightMix, a French language version called Berceuse and Jeff’s version of another popular song from the Spidarlings soundtrack, Kerching!


Spidarlings writer and director Salem Kapsaski has also directed Lullaby’s promotional music video, due for commercial release early 2018. Right now the video can be seen on Youtube and Vimeo.

In the video, Jeff plays the role of The Story Teller. It is created to be safe viewing for children, but of course the fairy stories and nursery rhymes shown in the video are actually horror stories and more sinister undertones have been recognised by Troma’s marvellously eccentric band of dedicated horror followers. The short film stays true to Kapsaski’s extraordinarily eclectic style.


Grindsploitation 4: Meltsploitation

Salem Kapsaski’s short film WAXHOUSE ROCK is going to be featured in the upcoming Anthology GRINDSPLOITATION 4: MELTSPLOITATION released by Troma and Body Bag Films.

GRINDSPLOITATION 4: MELTSPLOITATION the fourth entry in the acclaimed Cult series is going to be nastier than ever… with more gore, more nudity, more slime and more blood! Meltsploitation faux grindhouse film trailers a homage to the video nasty era of films.

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With films by Salem Kapsaski, Dustin Ferguson, Tony Newton, Nathan Hill, Edward Payson, Jason Impey, Jason Figgis & More. Presented by Llloyd Kaufman. Produced by Tony Newton & John Brennan.